We Pay CA$H for Empty Printer Cartridges...
... and Save You Money on New Cartridges

                                 What makes us different from all other companies?
  • We pay CA$H for cartridges - not a store credit
  • No limit to quantities we take back
  • We buy both NEW and USED Cartridges and Cell Phones            

So how does it work? It is easy!

We pay cash for almost all printer cartridges. Simply become a partner by filling out our online form or contact us directly and we will send you all of the materials needed to send empty printer cartridges back to us. The value of empty cartridges varies but 99% of them are worth money. After we have received your shipment of cartridges, we send you a check or will issue a check to your favorite charity! In addition, we will send you an environmental statement showing how you are helping to keep these items out of our local landfills!

If you have NEW cartridges you don't need, we want those too. We offer free quotes to purchase ANY and ALL of your unused printer and copier supplies. We accept unused ink cartridges, unused copier cartridges and unused toner cartridges from all manufacturers and re-manufacturers. We provide free shipping and free pick up of these supplies.

Contact us today!

Toll Free  800-654-6072
Local 253-867-6115

Email info@pcramerica.com

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